I'm sorry to start this topic in English but my German is very bad : O
I have a problem with the Visu with one of my costumers.

I'ts a Homeserver 4, firmware 4.1.0, on the homeserver I use ajaxvisu.
I have a few clients that can log in to the visu with the shortcut I placed on the home screen of the iPhone, iPad...
I have one iPhone of the costumer with a shortcut on the home screen that gives always an error when you open it.
"init_error: Anmeldung nicht möglich"

In the html page the username and password are filled in so normally the client should automatically log on and give no errors.
When I use safari to browse the URL of the homeserver it works and when I make for the page a new bookmark to the home screen I get this error again.
The iOS version is 8.1.2 for iPhone 6

Does anyone have an idea what goes wrong?

Thank you for the help and sorry again for my English.
Reply is good in German, I'll use Google translate.